TINFA believes that Education is a key to improve children’s life’s and that Teachers are the key to education and building critical skills. TINFA, a Seattle based non-profit, supports and empowers teachers in underserved areas of the world with a 2-year program that includes Teacher training & coaching, Curriculum building and Computer equipment. So far TINFA has supported 4500 kids across 23 schools, mostly in Guatemala.  

If you also believe that Education is critical, particularly for children in underserved areas of the world, please support TINFA!  Your contribution will have an immediate positive effect on schools in rural Guatemala where TINFA is focused today.


TINFA firmly believes that supporting kids by improving their education and skills (modern “21st century” skills) will greatly contribute to their ability to support their families and their community. 

TINFA is proud to be partnering with 501 commons for GiveBig 2019 and we have an ambitious goal to raise $10.000 . We so appreciate your support and hope that you will join us in the challenge to provide education improvement for the amazing children in rural Guatemala!

What your contribution towards our goal means:
           $100 : one additional child supported for their school year
           $250 : one additional training for the school’s teachers
           $500 : a projector for the school
           $2,500 : a classroom for 1 year into the 2-year program incl. training & equipment