Make a difference for a child, make an impact on their education.  


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What your donation means :

$400 a month / $5,000 : Full School Scholarship, 2nd Year
One school, 14 classrooms for the full second year of the program.

 $200 a month / $2,500 : Start-Up Equipment for One School
Everything needed to begin a program for the 2-year training and beyond: 2 projectors, 2 computers, internet connection, software, maintenance, and a training completion award.

 $125 a month / $1,500 : Classroom Sponsorship
Funds the 2-year program for a teacher and 25 students in 4th/5th/6th grade.

 $83 a month  /  $1,000 : Internet Access for One School
Connectivity for the full two-year program.

 $40 a month   /    $500 : Training Completion Award
Matching funds for school’s existing equipment maintenance/renewal budget, to sustain TINFA's work.

 $20 a month   /    $250 : Middle School Visit
Provide transportation & snacks for graduating 6th graders to visit their neighboring middle school, to encourage them to continue their education.

 $10 a month    /   $120 : Sponsor Two Students for one school year

 $5 a month      /     $60 : Sponsor One Student for one school year


You can also send us a check at :

333 18th Ave. E
Seattle, WA, 98112


If you would like to contribute stocks,  email us.


Internship and Volunteer

We offer internships and have volunteer opportunities. We are currently specifically looking for the following skills :

  • Graphic  design and web design

  • Search placement and data analysis

  • Grant research and grant writing

  • Marketing

  • Blog writing

  • Event management and support

  • Curriculum design

  • Research 

  • Video Editing

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