We thought it was a lot of fun to connect

Dear Students and Aroldo Lopez of Nueva Esperanza,

We thought it was a lot of fun to connect with you during our VIrtual Exchange and look forward to future exchanges. We enjoyed comparing our “Values and Activities” to yours. We noticed that all of us, either in North America or Central America, have many similarities. It doesn’t matter where we live; we are the same in so many ways. We were surprised that we like the same sports, like basketball and soccer (football). Drawing is another hobby that we have in common. Your class and our class also have virtues that revolve around being truthful, helping each other, being respectful, follow through with our responsibilities, and being someone who can be trusted.

Your class and ours have differences.  Our class noticed that you have fewer students in your classroom. You only have 11. At the time of our Skyping, our class had 28 students. Now, we have 29. Did you get a new student too? How often do you get new students to your school? Another difference is our names. In America, our names are usually just a first, middle, and last name. In your country, your names include both your father’s and mother’s last names too.  

We are happy to get to know you this school year.


Mrs. Severns’ Class