Currently focused on Central America, opening up to Latin America.


TINFA currently has active programs in Mexico (Jalisco) and Guatemala (Quetzaltenango).

Our short–term plan is to continue to improve and build on the successes of our existing programs which are in the following locations:


Jalisco, Mexico: We are currently partnered with 1 school in : Juan de la Barrera, in the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta. We are deepening the program with the current partner school and we are evaluating partnerships with other schools in the area.
For more details about this program, see The Virtual Exchange Kit section  




The Quetzaltenango region in Guatemala: We have launched a pilot program with 3 elementary schools, and are considering replicating the model with other schools served by our local partner organization, FUNDAP.


We have in the past had a presence in Colombia (Santa Maria and Ana Restrepo del Coral). Because of a sudden change of leadership there, due to illness, this program has not been continued. Because TINFA’s founders (Margarita and Emma) have family in Colombia and travel there on a regular basis we are interested in partnering with local organizations in Colombia.


Having the right partnership is perhaps the single most important aspect of a successful project. For this reason, TINFA wants to stay flexible and open to the possibility of collaborating with other organizations, if the organization is a great fit, and if the opportunity arises.


In the short term (2 years), there is no plan to expand in another continent (Africa or Asia). There is no fundamental reason for us not to be in these regions. However, we want to focus on fine-tuning our “offer” and insure that it is thought out very carefully and in details before we expand.  We are also cautious of the challenges of time differences, distances. and expanding beyond our ability to provide quality programs.