"Our Partners"

Abroad & in the States

TINFA is honored to be working with partners that share our core values. Each partnership brings distinct skills that add value to the projects and communities with whom we work. 

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Want to partner with TINFA?

TINFA is looking for partners that demonstrate aptitude for growth and challenge. In addition, we create great relationships if they also have: 

  • Comprehensive knowledge and trust of the community we would serve
  • The ability and flexibility to frequently visit the partnering community
  • The potential to establish cooperative work with other school partners
  • Transparent and open dialogue of the final learning targets

The complementary skills that TINFA might bring to a partner are its expertise in technology to be used as educational tools. We bring experience in defining and implementing grassroots projects. TINFA has a global perspective having worked in multiple countries and facilitated cross-cultural exchanges and immersions.

We engage in a tangible project only after a carefully crafted interaction with the community, with the intent of empowering the existing structure and peoples. TINFA aims to provide a nurturing, supportive, and creative environment as key players commit to a partnership and together impact the education of the community.