"Where We Work"


TINFA's model works with 9 to 10 schools at a time, schools that are in a radius of 30min drive from each other, so that teachers and administrators can get together on a monthly basis.  After 2 to 3 years, a school graduates from the program, with the equipment,  skills and sustainablity model to continue independently (with the support of their peers and ours). Every year, new schools enter the program. 

The current 10 schools are  rural schools within the Retalhuleu department of Guatemala. 

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In the past,

We have worked with a total of 23 schools in Colombia, Mexico, and Guatemala, having made a positive impact on the education of the community as a whole.

In the FUture,

Our model is universal, and can potentially be replicated anywhere in the world where there is a phone connection, and the community can take care of their basic needs. However, we are cognizant of the challenges of working within different time zones and far distances. For the near future, we will build on foundations, and fine-tuning our "offer" within the Latin American region.  

Having the right partnership is perhaps the single most important aspect of a successful project. For this reason, TINFA is always open to the possibility of collaborating with other organizations,  with similar values and complementary skills.