thinking Collaboratively , bridging cultures, & creating global citizens one virtual exchange at a time

The Virtual Exchange component

Encouraging students to discover and pursue their dreams is our vision. Connecting the community we live in and the partners we work with is essential  to the exploration of student's world vision. Virtual Exchanges give students the opportunity to:

  • Acquire a perspective that goes well beyond the place in which they live
  • Connect virtually with another country and culture despite economic hardships
  • Learn collaboratively by discovering similarities and differences of students their age living in another country, on another continent


TINFA supports exchanges in between partner schools abroad and in the Northwest.

  • Year-long virtual exchange.
  • Combining curriculum by identifying modules that both classes are studying and are doing so approximately at the same time. In cooperation with the teachers, the exchange part of the module is created.
  • The exchange usually culminates with a 60 minute Skype exchange between the two classes during each session.

So what?

Virtual exchanges are often the first time  students have the opportunity to be intimately exposed to another culture. Creating an environment in which students can envision a point of view they have not previously imagined and hear a voice that might have different ideas than them provides them with a different perspective. Introducing students to an elevated world context allows them to be engaged, informed, and global citizens. 

Take a peek at one of the virtual exchanges from our 2018 GiveBig campaign. Students share their favorite fruits and vegetables! How many might you know?