Perspective from a teacher who has graduated


After being part of the TINFA program for two years, “Profe” Abner Ramiro Dueñas López has some perspective on its impact. He teaches twenty eight 6th graders at the Santa Elena school. Here is what he has to say :


Before having the TINFA program, our options were very limited. Getting material for an activity was difficult and costly. Perhaps once a month, I could afford to find and print special material. For geometry, that was even more complicated.

Abner class kids cropped.jpg

I have found that the TINFA program has been a “bonita experiencia”. It has contributed to my training as a teacher. I find that my classes today are more accessible, more dynamic. I can use a wider variety of tools and techniques. I find that my students are more motivated, in a creative and different way.

Abner class small.JPG

The impact has been in the ability to better analyze, create and work in teams. For the community, this means a human potential towards the future, because my boys and girls learn in a dynamic and simple way.