"kids can achieve more meaningful learning" says teacher Roseli


Prior to the support of TINFA, Mrs. Roseli’s Guadelupe’s 3rd grade students were relying only on books and pictures for their education. No computers or other “modern” education aids were available in her school in Colonia San Carlos El Asintal, in rural Guatemala. Through TINFA, Roseli now has the ability to use a computer, projector and speakers in her classroom and was not only taught how to use the computer, but more importantly how to enrich the classes for her kids, e.g. through animations, movies etc.

According to Roseli; “through the use of technology in the classroom, kids can better understand the lessons and thus achieve more meaningful learning which will help them to develop more broadly”. She also noticed her kids are more motivated, anxious to start classes and get better grades on average because they understand the topics better.

Roseli classroom.png

TINFA firmly believes that supporting kids by improving their education and skills (modern “21st century” skills) will greatly contribute to their ability to support their families and their community. 

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