Back to School Dinner Highlights


Saturday night was such a special occasion, thank you to everybody that joined and made it an incredible space to share and celebrate the successes that we have had this past year. Not only was the food mouth watering (yum pupusas and pastelitos), but the air was filled with excitement as everyone was ready to learn and pay attention to program for the night.

Five people went home with a raffle prize, and the real treat of the night was hearing about all the different ways that TINFA has impacted teachers and students alike. We learned of Nancy, a fifth grade teacher from Recuerdo de Perez who after just one year in the program has been able to sharply increase her technological knowledge. We also shared a video in which teachers just like her that described in one word what TINFA means to them. See it below!

Upon realizing the impact that TINFA is making in the lives of so many students and teachers, TINFA’s supporters were eager to give. Thank you all so much for your generosity and willingness to make a difference. We exceeded our goal for the night and are well on our way to continue sustaining this program by inviting two more schools to partner and begin to lay the foundation for a third.

If you weren’t able to make it to the dinner, no worries. There will be other opportunities to join us, but be sure to check out the pictures of the evenings highlights to see what you missed. If you wanted to donate and did not get the chance, you can still do so.