Mission & Vision Updates

Last month we asked that you share your thoughts on various aspects of TINFA, including strengths, weaknesses, and any other insights as the board envisions the next 3 years of the organization.  

We would like to share that we were able to refine TINFA's goals by enhancing our mission and creating a vision by which we stand strong. We are excited about the change because it is crispier than a fresh dollar bill, it has that new car smell, and it is very much in line with what we are doing and what we aspire. 


Empower teachers to bring 21st century skills to kids in underserved areas of the world. 


For all children to have the opportunity to discover and pursue their dreams.

TINFA partners with schools for  2 to 3 years. In that time, educators are given the tools and support to be empowered and become an inspiration for their students to keep dreaming big. We do not dictate or confine how technology should be used. By providing teachers with the tools and support to impart a savvy education, we insure a long term impact, that encourages students to tap into their potential and strive for greatness.