Global Partners for Education summit : encouraging

The Global Partners for Education had their financing conference on Feb. 2nd. 

The results are very encouraging, with a pledge commitment from 53 countries for $110 Billion for education for 2018-2020. This is an increase from the previous budget of $80 Billion in 2015-2017.

Global Partnership for Learning.png

President Marcon quoted Victor Hugo : "Who opens a school, closes a jail", and reminded the attendants that the essential tool we have against protectionism and terrorism is education, and particularly education of women. 

The US participated in the conference but did not commit to a specific $$ of support. It will be up to Congress to decide. With organizations like RESULTS, you can get your voice heard effectively. Check what RESULTS' Exec Director, Joanne Carter, had to say about the conference here.  

Go here for more info about the conference.