Words from the school directors

This past week, I have been in conversations with the directors of the 10 schools TINFA partners with this year in Guatemala, to discuss the program and our partnership.

These conversations were informative and heart warming, with some common themes :

  • “The students know when it is their turn to use the equipment. They anticipate this time, and are excited.”

  • “It is a source of motivation for the teacher and for the students, to learn in a different way”.

  • “Several of my teachers did not know about technology and they have learnt.”

  • “This is a magnificent program”.


The directors wanted to thank all the supporters of the program, for their unconditional support. They are touched by the caring of the TINFA community, a community who lives so far from theirs. Being a predominantly catholic region, many of the directors said “que dios le bendiga” (God bless you). They wanted to make sure that I would relay the message.