Prof Cesar Cabrera to come to Seattle

Exciting News! Professor Cesar Cabrera, from the elementary school Rangel Galindo, got his visa authorized, to come and visit us in Seattle in early October! Every year, TINFA invites one of our outstanding teachers, to exchange with the teachers, students and the TINFA community in the Northwest. 

Cesar Cabrera is one of these teachers, passionate by what he does, committed to his community and his students, ready to participate, volunteer, take risks, and improve for the sake of teaching better. 

Cesar has a special eye for using art to teach other subjects. For example, for one of his model classes, he challenged his students to find geometric figures and symmetry in nature. The class made a beautiful, grounded presentation on the subject. 

Cesar has shared his artistic talents with his colleagues, modeling classes on how to use pastels in drawing one of the beautiful volcanos of the Retalhuleu region they live in. At his colleagues' request, he created a tutorial video on the subject.

Cesar and his class has participated in several virtual exchange with Maria Buceta's class at John Stanford International (JSIS). In one exchange on tropical plants, Cesar walked us through the forest, waterfall and creek of his nearby forest, and shared that experience with Maria's class of 3rd graders at JSIS.   

Cesar will be in Seattle for the first 2 weeks of October, and will be interested to meet you. He is eager to share his experiences, and exchange with teachers and TINFA supporters. If you are interested in meeting with Cesar, don't hesitate to reach out. He will also join us for TINFA Fundraising breakfast on Oct. 6th.  

We look forward to welcoming you to Seattle, Cesar!