Graduation and first evaluation results

It is the end of the school year in Guatemala, and there was lots to celebrate, as 38 teachers from 9 different schools got together with the Ministry of education and TINFA, to receive their diploma for the commitment and progress they have made this year.


During the ceremony, the representatives of the ministry of education shared their support for the program, couple of teachers talked about their experience, and Cesar Cabrera, teacher who visitied Seattle, shared his experience working with teachers in the Northwest.

As it is the end of the school year, it is also the time to collect data. The dataset on teacher skills has been collected and analyzed, and the results are amazing. On average, the teachers have improved their technology skills by 83% this year. This is so impressive. As a comparison, the improvement was of 34% last year. These are very, very good results. 

Teachers, there is only one thing to say : congratulations !
Supporters, thank you for making this possible. You are making a huge difference.