Meet new partner schools

Thanks to your support, we are in the process of inviting 3 new schools to join TINFA's cluster of 9 in the Retalhuleu region of Guatemala. 
We expect to hand-off the equipment kit in each of the schools on Jan. 17th, 18th , 19th. 
Part of handing off the equipment is making sure that all components work, including internet, Skype, the projector and the speakers. It is also an opportunity for a conversation with the director, members of the parent association, some of the teachers and students. 

For those of you living in the Northwest, we would love to have you join the 30min conversation!  
Tues. Jan. 17th at 8am
Wed. Jan. 18th at 8am or
Thur. Jan 19th at 8am

Contact us for more info.