Committed to a strong model

More than ever, TINFA is committed to its value of collaboration, community empowerment and excellence in teaching. 

Thanks to your support, and after three years of outstanding work, 2 schools have graduated from the TINFA program (red dots) and 3 new schools are entering the program : Canton Asintal, Nueva Esperansa and Sector Aguilar (green dots). Our cluster of 9 schools  - 3 in year1, 3 in year2 (white dots) , 3 in year3 (yellow dots) are within 30 min of each other, and generate a force of excellence and collaboration in the region.  

The students of each of these schools started this new year (school starts in Jan in Guatemala), with an equipment kit that we were able to test with a Skype conversation. Several of you have been able to witness the excitement on both side, as we exchange with the teachers and the students. The teachers are very well grasping the potential for learning and teaching that this partnership is opening. 

On to a strong year of collaboration, community empowerment and excellence in teaching!