Taught by the best

Imagine being taught by a "maestro" who has been recognized at the national level for his or her outstanding  skills in a classroom similar to yours. Imagine this teacher working with you on how to incorporates tactile experiments with videos and other virtual material available in your classroom.

This is the experience the 40 teachers you support this year had, as they participated in a workshop with not only one but two of the "Maestros 100 puntos". The title "Maestro 100 Punto" is a well respected recognition given every year to a handful of outstanding teachers from a pool of teachers from the entire nation.

We are fortunate to have the "Maestro 100 puntos" 2014 laureat at Esceual Rangel Galindo, one of our partner schools. El profe Mateo Pérez made a very interactive demo class on the subject of systems of numeration, geometry and technology. 

The other "Maestro 100 puntos", el profe José Carlos Ismatul of San Lucas Sacatepéquez, was nominated in 2015, and focused his workshop on the use of technology to teach Special Ed students.  

For this full day of learning, TINFA partnered with a local organization "empresarios por la educacion" . In addition to the 40 TINFA teachers, 31 teachers from "empresarios" participated.