Donors Spotlight

Board member Vinnie Duffy sat with Amanda Twiss and Glen MacDonald, TINFA Donors.

Why do you support TINFA?

Amanda: Emma asked us to support TINFA.  We see that Emma gives her time and her efforts to our schools and our community.  When you see someone who gives of themselves you kind of have to return that when they ask.

Glenn: We have kids that are receiving a fantastic education. And we see the fact that there are kids in this city and in this country and internationally who aren’t getting that kind of opportunity.  Supporting TINFA is an easy way to make a little tiny difference in that regard.  

Amanda: TINFA is a scrappy grassroots organization that does the most with what it has.  That’s something to be commended.  TINFA is a worthwhile investment for other folks.  We are not doing this public interview so that we get attention for ourselves.  We don’t need recognition for ourselves.  But we are doing it to, hopefully, inspire others.

Glenn: TINFA is not doing complicated stuff, just doing simple stuff well.  It is not grandiose, just focused.  It seems to be making a difference.  We have the opportunity to contribute a little money or a little time to make it possible to improve one aspect of these people’s lives in a small way. 

Amanda: We can make an impact.  We are creating a ripple that is actually meaningful and life changing for people.  

Supporting TINFA is easy. Go to Take Action.  Thank you.