What happened at the Breakfast El Chapin

On Friday Sept. 30th, TINFA supporters gathered for an earthy Guatemala Breakfast, to hear about TINFA's progress and to contribute to the organization. 

We started the morning bright and early at 7:15am, with some fresh coffee from Cafe Ladro. 

The food was still on its way, so we started the program early, with some remarks from Emma, about how attention is a resource that is in high demand, so very expensive, yet, cannot be saved or hoarded, so cheap and potentially wasted every second we don't pay attention to it. 

Leah Martin, from Allied8, talked about her experience volunteering for TINFA, and teaching the 3D program Sketchup to teachers in Guatemala through Skype. The teachers now using the tool with their students as part of the geometry curriculum.

We heard from Marleny Sanchez, a visiting teacher of the elementary school Corcho Sur, in Guatemala. Marleny explained how, despite the limited resources, her school is able to provide time for each student to practice on the computers, through organized stations in the classroom. She also talked about the collaboration among teachers of other schools, and the sharing of model classes. 

Finally, we connected with Marleny's students, through skype. Grace, a 5th grade student, told us about what she likes about her school. The students were a bit nervous, but even had a song for us.