A unique and satisfactory visit

What a treat, to have Marleny Sanchez, a teacher from Corcho Sur, visit Seattle for 2 weeks! Marleny's school is in its 3rd year in the TINFA program.

Imagine taking in every experience for the very first time, imagine the impact of these first impressions. As expected, Marleny was taken back by the abundance we live in, she adapted very fast, and her eyes sparkled when entering her first school, John Stanford International, and meeting her first counterpart teachers, Sergio Jara-Kessi and Maria Buceta. 

During this 2-weeks stay, Marleny visited 7 schools. She got a warm welcomed from each of them. At every single school, she took very careful notes, and came out with several ideas that she could use, to implement with her students at Corcho Sur. Her experience will have a long-term impact on her teaching and will benefit her students and her colleagues, year after year. 

During one of the many conversations that we had during this time, I asked Marleny this somewhat loaded question. "How can you take in all this experience, without being a bit bitter, as you witness the wealth surrounding life in the US, compared to the economic situation in Corcho Sur." Marleny told me: "When my community heard that I was going to travel to the US, many people asked me. "Are you going to stay?"". She told me that, especially after seeing the difference first hand, she can very well understand why people would be attracted to such idea. The opportunities are exponentially greater here. However, she told me "I am from Guatemala. I love my country and my community. This is where I belong. It inspires me to work for my students. There is a famous saying " No hay peor lucha que la que no se hace" (the only wasted effort is the one that you don't start).

Thanks to you,  TINFA is supporting exceptional teachers like Marleny. Thanks to you,  TINFA supports a community of leaders who feel rooted. Thanks to you, TINFA helps these teachers make an impact in their community through education, so that the children get the tools necessary to contribute, generate wealth and well-being in their community and elsewhere.