At every visit, teachers are telling us the difference the program is making.

I am just back from Europe. Listing to daily news there, I am struck by how more and more people are willing to take immense risks, in search for a better life. According to the UN refugee agency UNHCR, more than 2,200 lives have been lost since June, with people attempting to cross the Mediterranean sea. 

Whether it is for security or economical reasons, what is for sure is that people would not leave their community, their family, their friends, their roots, their culture, if they felt that they had a decent future where they live. 

Although Education is not the only prerequisite to creating a better future, it is an absolute requirement. A community is much much better off and has a more positive future, when its children are well educated. This is why, thanks to your support, TINFA is working relentlessly on education and on education of children and support of their teachers. 

Do not underestimate the difference you are making. Teachers in the communities we work are telling us at every visit, how much more engaging the students are, now that they have access to appropriate and targeted virtual material.  Imagine learning about the solar system and the movement of the planets on a white board versus through an interactive site. This is what is now happening every day, in the schools we work with. 

And we are able to do this, thanks to your support! Thank you.  

Our one and only organization wide fundraising event is coming up, on Oct. 3rd in the afternoon/evening. We hope you will join us ! We will send more information on it soon.