A nimble team

We were lucky to get tickets for the round of 16 for the women World Cup in Vancouver this week. What a treat! The Japanese players particularly showed some great skills.  What I liked best is their team work, and nimbleness, able to make short and quick passes, being precise and agile, creative in their play, and focused. 


This is exactly what I see in TINFA’s team in Guatemala:  a set amazingly talented, nimble, and motivated teachers who are focusing on finding the best way to get the students to learn. 

We see this most during the grades' meetings where the teachers of,each grade (from all the schools we collaborate with), get together,  to prepare some of the classes they will teach in the next 2 months. In groups of 3 or 4, they pick a topic of common interest, and create their model class, searching and incorporating the appropriate virtual support. For example, one group of 5th grade teachers last week,  worked together in natural sciences on how to address, in the classroom, the topic of pollution and contamination of their environment. Another group of 6th grade teachers worked in social sciences, on the theme of "the discovery of the Americas". There is team work, quick feedback, precision and creativity.  

And the best thing about all this, is that it is so much fun, fun to watch, fun to participate in, for all the players.