The focus is on the teacher

When TINFA's project Manager, Cesar, visits each of our partner schools, he does not have a minute to spare. The day starts with reviewing the equipment, making sure it is working properly, and updating software when needed. 

He then goes to one of the classroom, to team up with one teacher and teach her students. In 5th grade Natural science, the students are currently studying the natural resources of Guatemala. Cesar used Google map to highlight the geographical diversity of the country. He also integrated a simple Go!Animate Video.


One of the most important part of Cesar tight schedule, is his one and one time with the teachers. He has 15 to 20min blocks with each of the teachers, to work on specific skills that have been taught in the past, to answer individual questions, to practice  difficult concepts. These 15min are tailored to each specific teacher. We have found that this time is essential for the teachers to feel confident using the equipment. It is also a great way for TINFA to understand where the specific needs are, and improve our support on an ongoing basis. 

Then Cesar conducts a class for the teachers on a specific topic. This past week, the topic covered efficient ways to search and download videos from the internet. In a place where internet is present but not reliable, downloading on the local drive is an essential skill to have. 

The remaining time is used to prepare for other activities, like workshops with the other schools, or curriculum building. 

Time goes fast! As you can see, most of it is spent in the classroom and with the teachers.