A crispier perspective

Yesterday I went to the dentist. The office is beautiful with thoughtful design, generous materials and colorful fixtures. Although it is an inviting and pleasing space, when I am in the waiting room at the dentist, I get the feeling of being in a race, a race for the perfect smile with the perfect outfit. I am in that set of mind, worried of not having enough, focusing on being more "perfect" and thinking about how to get there.  

Yesterday, I also went to visit with Guatemalan students at the World school in Seattle. The TINFA projects in Guatemala are going strong. We want to understand and learn about the history and the culture of the country, particularly the K'itche' and Mam Ethnic cultures that are present in our partner schools. Meeting now for the 3rd time with the Guatemalan students at the World school in Seattle, I get introduced to totally different worlds. Most of what I take for granted is being challenged. I am in a mindset of curiosity and gratefulness. 

Working in Global Development and working with TINFA is bringing me perspective. It helps a great deal in recognizing the races I am sometimes in. It helps make conscious decisions of exiting the ones that are just noise. It gives me perspective.

Yes, I will be diligent about brushing and flossing my teeth regularly, but perhaps, I do not need that "perfect" smile. I am grateful to be reminded every day of that perspective. Today, I will learn about the Guatemalan Culture. 

We have plenty of opportunities to get perspective, by getting involved with TINFA. Don't hesitate to check the Take-Action page and/or to contact us