Four additional classes participate in a virtual exchange

Classes from Juan de la Barrera (JdlB) and from John Stanford International (JSIS) once again had the opportunity to talk with their counterparts, exchange and discuss their learning, based on what they are currently studying.

The  first graders of Maestra Irma of JdlB and the 3rd graders of Maestra Maria of JSIS read a book about race, and discussed their families and what is important to them.


The fifth graders of Maestro David of JdlB and the 5th graders of Maestra Priscilla of JSIS discussed their studies of the explorers/conquerors of the new world (Marco Polo, Francisco Pizarro, Hernando de Sota, Hernan Cortez y Amerigo Vespucci) as well as their impact on the existing indigenous cultures (Incas and Mayans).

As usual, the students were also eager to learn about the day to day life of their counterparts.