An heartwarming experience in Seattle

From Cesar Puac, TINFA Project Manager in Guatemala.

I would like to extend a special “Thank You” to the members of the board of TINFA for the invitation to share my experience and learn from other educators during my stay in Seattle. I would like to express a deep gratitude to the people who participate in fundraising activities and who support this institution. I very much enjoyed the conversations and the exchange of experiences during my stay.

 During my visit, I had the opportunity to observe the work of teachers in school classrooms at The Northwest School. I found interesting the integration of technology as a learning tool for students. I could also see that the most valuable learning is the teacher’s interaction with students. The teacher creates a discussion on a topic and the students contribute to find the answer allowing students to construct their own learning.

At John Stanford International School, I attended math and science classes taught in Spanish. I learnt a lot because I saw the participation of the students in class through practical activities.


I realize that between Guatemala and the United States there are large differences in educational level. Schools here have adequate resources, the parents are such active participants and the teachers seem so motivated. We also have similarities like a passion to share our learning, a sense of mutual support and working together. This is very encouraging in moving forward and improving my work.
There is a saying : to fight poverty we must begin by improving education. On behalf of the children, parents and teachers in Guatemala, thank you to all of you who contribute economically, intellectually and morally to these projects. I can insure you that your contributions are well used to improve the quality of education in the places where TINFA works.
(Translated from Spanish by Emma Le Du).