Big Deal felt just right

The Jeffersionian style dinner triggered interested and meaningful table conversations. 

Emma touched on the  difference of indebtedness and gratefulness.

Cesar, TINFA's project manager talked about the impact of the project in the schools in Guatemala.

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Thank you all for your support during the Big Deal event, Guatemala style. It felt like a great success.  

It started with a warm "Caldo de frutas", outside, as we enjoyed the warmth of a setting sun. 

We were well guided by our fabulous and witty MC, Josh and were served delicious authentic Guatemalan tamales. 

Tara explained how volunteering for TINFA was important to her. Andrea finished the event with a wonderful ask. 

And not to forget, we had 3 raffle ticket winners, for the beautiful table runners!

We  met our financial goal, reaching above $8,000. All in all, the event felt right. Your participation, before, during, physical or virtual made a great difference. On behalf  on the teachers and their students, thank you for your support.