Guatemala elections and wrapping up the year

What a surprise this weekend brought with the presidential elections in Guatemala! Jimmy Morales, a comedian with no political experience, got elected president with almost 70% of the votes. There is very little known about this  new president-elect, apart from his intend to fight corruption and bring transparency. The people from Guatemala must feel a bit nervous about the next 4 years, but decided to put on their seat-belt, and push for change.  It will certainly be a bumpy ride. Let's hope it is for the better, long term. 

This is also a very busy time of the year for the schools and for TINFA's projects, as the school year ends in October in Guatemala and Mexico.

clase modelo arbol.jpg

We are conducting the last training, the last one-on-one support, . Every teacher is demonstrating the skills they have learnt, demonstrating a model class in front of their students and our project manager. We are consolidating the material created by the teachers for the grade level curriculum. We are conducting the end of school year evaluations for the teachers and the students. It is a busy time!

We are also taking a step back, meeting with the administration and with teachers, as we review the year, with each of the schools. We review the plans and outcomes we have mutually established. The partnership is reviewed every year, and  a conscious and mutually agreed-upon decision is made to move forward for the following year. (for up to 3 years).

It has been a incredible year. As we sort out all the data and we complete all our conversations, it feels like we are on very good footing.