What do we measure?

The project in the three pilot schools in Guatemala has reached the one year mark.  It will be running for another 6 months, until the end of the school year (the school year goes from January to December). Apart from witnessing every day the benefits of having access to rich information and interactive technology in the classroom, what are we actually measuring, to attest of the success of this project?

  • The number of students enrolled in the school, the number of students moving on to the next grade, the number of students dropping.
  • The number of teachers completing and graduating from the training sessions. (Diploma).
  • The material used by the teachers, and their opinion on the usefulness of these material proposed.
  • The functioning of the equipment.
  • The attitude of the students towards education (before/after project).

We will get the results in Dec/Jan, after the end of the project. Stay tuned...