Added benefits we did not expect

There are always unforeseen developments in a project. We are witnessing a few that are worth sharing from our project in Guatemala :

  • San Marcos school organized two bake sales and a raffle, to be able to buy one more computer for the school. This new computer is up and running and used in the classroom today.
  • Our program focuses on 4th, 5th and 6th grade. Teachers of preK, K, 1st, 2nd and 3rd, at both Vera Cruz and Corcho del Sur did not want to be left out. They are attending the English classes, and finding ways to use the equipment in their classroom too.
  • Our 3 pilot schools, with the help of FUNDAP decided that it would be good to share best practices. They met few weeks ago, and are in the process of making changes based on their exchange.
  • A neighboring school from Corcho del Sur saw how the teachers were using the equipment in their classroom. They got inspired, and are looking at ways to replicate themselves.
  • The ministry of education supervisor for two of the districts we work in, came to meet and witness the project. Each of them is supervising about 30 schools in their district. Although their resources are very limited, both of them took careful notes of the project. 

It is really nice to see how the project has created these added benefits. It is strengthening the community, improving the education of the kids we serve and is spreading to the neighborhood communities.