Teaching a sacred symbol

Today, the Elementary sister schools Juan de la Barrera in Mexico (JdlB) and John Stanford International (JSIS) in Seattle had their 3rd exchange of the year. JdlB taught its sister school one traditional handicraft from the Huichol Indians of Mexico : "ojos de dios". (eyes of god)

The "Ojos de dios" were used to protect children from birth until they reached 5 years of age. One "Ojo de dios" is the equivalent of one year for a child.  Each year, the father needed to create one "ojo de dios" to insure that the child is always protected. 

With the Mexican teacher Everardo's guidelines, and the support of Maestra Priscilla, the students at JSIS successfully created their "ojos de dios". They also performed couple of songs to their counterparts.