This sounds right! Talk with school Corcho Sur and Canto Veracruz

In order to participate in our skype conversation, the teachers of Canto Veracruz had to move a block outside of the school, to get a better signal. (Yes, a talk with the provider, Claro, is in order). That's why the teachers are sitting on the ground outside, rather than in a classroom.

Through sharing screen, we located the area of the school, and we learn that it would take 1,160h to walk from Veracruz to Seattle.

100% of the parents and 50% of the students at Canton Veracruz speak Mayan. We talked about the difficulty to find material that is pertinant to the language and the culture. The idea came up that it might be possible for the students, with the help of the Maya language teacher and the teacher of Expression artistica to create one or several small videos, where the students would be able to show some of their learning of their culture. This video could then be share with other schools in the region that are of Mayan ethnic and culture. Students as teachers, and creating lacking material for the students to understand their roots and culture... this sounds right!

La escuela Veracruz has already created a


, and the entry of March 1st talks about TINFA. Sweet!

Tomorow they are inaugurating a new building, a classroom where they will have the technology kit.

After talking to all 3 schools, it feels like we have a nice way forward.  We are going to use the vocabulary and grammar of lessons 1 to 3 of


to practice. Yes, yes, it is right. We are talking about flipped classrooms, where the teachers will watch and study, and we will use the "class"/skype time to practice. This sounds right too!