Virtual Exchange No 2 : Juan de la Barrera (Mexico) and John Stanford International (USA)

Yesterday, we had another virtual exchange in between 4th grade class of Juan de la Barrera Elementary in Jalisco - Mexico and 4th grade class of John Stanford International School in Seattle, USA.

This is the second in a series of four exchanges that these two classes will do together this year. Both classrooms were on Skype, and thanks to the projector that JSIS donated to JdlB, the entire classes on both sides were able to participate. 

The module that we explored this time is "Comparacion de la gente nativa de nuestra region" (presentation and comparison of the native people of our region). This is a culminating activity for JSIS of a 2 month study of the native people of the Northwest, and a module that the school in Mexico has also been studying.

The exchange was entirely in Spanish on both side. 

During this exchange, the students were able to present some of their research on the type of habitat, clothing and food that the native people of their region were using, and compare it to the ones of the natives of the other location (on the same coast line, but over 2,500 miles from each other). 

The exchange lasted approximately 45min. Here are few of the comments the students at JSIS.

"they were talking very fast. It was hard to understand". One of the student said, "i wish I got to know more of the students in the other school". This, we are hoping will happen,  little by little, with these quarterly interactions.

Thank you to Maestra Priscilla and Maestro Everardo for your work on this module. Thank you Michelle , for the technical assistance!

The next module, in April will focus on nutrition.  Stay tuned!