Midway point on Guatemala project

This is the midway point of project in Guatemala and it is going strong! 

The collaboration with our local partner, FUNDAP is enriching and  full of complementary skills.
  • We have identified the 3 pilot schools we are working with
  • We have defined the technology kit that strikes the right balance of affordability and effectiveness.
  • We have installed the kit in each of the schools
  • We have created and provided a setup, usability training and conducted a mockup class for the teachers of the schools
  • We have defined the criteria of measurement (attendance to school, moving to the next grade, repeating a grade, leaving school, as well as attitude towards learning). 
  • We are visiting the schools monthly, to support the adminsitration, listen to teachers on their challenges, train teachers on lesson plans including virtual tools tailored to their need and relevant to their curriculum. 
  • We conduct monthly skype meetings with the schools for technical support, capacity building and follow ups.

In other words, the project is in full speed. More photos to come soon.