Schools selected in Guatemala

The project with FUNDAP in Guatemala has launched with the selection of the three partner schools:

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The criteria that were used to select these three schools are :

Potential for success :
  • Basic infrastructure (secure area for equipment)
  • Basic needs met
  • Internet accessibility
  • School administration leadership. (Vision and values that are common and/or compatible with FUNDAP and TINFA)
  • Flexibility and interest of the teachers particularly as it relates to experimentation, willingness to learn, willingness to use technology.
  • Parent association: is a structure in place in order to reach the entire family.
  • District approval
Potential for learning from the pilot:
  • one small, one medium, one large school

I visited the large school, San Marcos, in February and was very impressed by its leadership. Here a picture of a reuse and recycle project : the school is re-use plastic soda bottles brought from home, filing them up with sand, to make a wall.