Project outlines

Recess playing volleyball at the Morelia Middle school
We are still in the definition phase of this project, but here are the main lines.
  • Train FUNDAP Education department collaborators on the use of technology and online content/applications that will help them serving their partners better. We are currently specifically looking at the Khan Academy, eBooks and Scratch. 
  • Define a simple low cost technology kit. This will most likely be a laptop, a projector, a screen, and an internet connection. The kit will be deployed in 3 pilot schools.
  • Train the teachers on the use of the technology and the online applications.
  • Learn and adapt the project with constant support, monitoring and bottom up feedback.
  • Define a larger scale deployment kit, based on the learning of this one year project.

Both of our organizations are quite excited about this initiative, and its potential. 
We will have a fundraising campaign for this project in the months to come.