TINFA Kit - Teacher training

The purpose of the training is for the teachers to feel comfortable with the equipment, to understand the value of some applications as a way to enhance their existing curriculum, to feel equipped to explore beyond what is being proposed and to loop back with us so that we can incorporate the teachers' feedback and findings.

It is critical to us that the technology be at the service of the teachers, as a way to ENHANCE the teacher training, as the teacher is the key to learning.

At the beginning of the school year, the teachers'skills are evaluated.  Depending on their existing knowledge, they are placed in one of the 3 different technical skill training tracks : Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.  Once a month, and through out the school year, teachers of similar skill level receive a training focused on the use of technology in the classroom. 

Each track has a detailed curriculum, going from the basics of connecting a projector, moving the mouse, to using PowerPoint in the classroom, to editing videos and designing interactive classes through Skype. 

Once a month, each teacher gets a 30 minute one on one (or we have found more effective, a one on two) session with our TINFA consultant, where teachers can ask questions about some of the challenges they are having using the equipment and teaching in the classroom. 

Each teacher is being asked to do a model class, in front of his class colleagues, and then in front of his/her students, where the use of the equipment and the effectiveness of the teaching is reviewed and discussed. 

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