TINFA kit - Equipment

In choosing equipment, we focus on what is necessary for the school in order for them to have access to the tools we see as critical, and share those with the students. We balance this with focusing on the long term goal of replication and providing a kit that could be affordable to the community, and relying minimally on outside funding.

We procure our equipment locally and do so for three reasons.

First, it supports the local economy. The basic economic issue is the flow of money at the local level. 

Second, we have an technical support ally. Broken equipment, viruses and other technical issues are the most common and wide spread problems in Global development. It is relatively easy to come and provide new equipment that is going to work for some time. it is much harder to work on a sustainable  plan. With a local warranty and a technical support agreement with the local provider, the school has a direct technical support partner, who can help on a timely basis, and for years to come. 

Third, we see a snowball effect. When a neighboring school comes to see one of our partner schools, they can have a detailed conversation on the type of equipment that is being used, where it can be procured, and how much it costs. The neighboring school is then empowered to decide whether this is an investment they can independently make. They do not need to wait until the next NGO comes in, and provide them with the project. 

The equipment currently consists of :

·         Two laptops with Basic Office Software applications and Virus protection

·         One Projector

·         One screen

·         One TV (we are experimenting with the project in Guatemala whether a TV or projector is more convenient for the school)

·         A set of speakers

·         Internet access for 12 to 24 months (through Cell Data monthly rates).

·         A surge protector

 The kit is subject to change. For example, we are considering including one printer in the kit going forward, so that the teachers can design and print material for the students to test their knowledge.

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