Reflection after discussing our landscapes and natural resources

Dear Students and Aroldo Lopez of Nueva Esperanza,

Last week, we Skyped together and discussed the topic of “Landscapes and Natural Resources”. We noticed that, once again, there were similarities and differences. In a lot of our pictures, we had rainy skies. In your pictures, we mostly saw the sun and sunshine. It rains frequently in Seattle, Washington. 

Kristi Natural Resources.jpg

The tallies that we had the most of were water, trees, and sand. We both had a lot of “other” features on the list. Most of our pictures were of the beach and yours were of the forest with mountains/volcanoes in the background. It was surprising that you included rabbits. 

Your class had a lot of imaginary places instead of real places. We wonder if your and our definitions of “imaginary” are the same. Our definition is unreal, fictional, make believe. What is your definition of “imaginary”? It seemed like some of your pictures would have been of a real place. 

We both suggested to not pollute the water when we talked about how to preserve our natural resources. It surprised us that you said not to cut down trees. We didn’t even think of this!


Mrs. Severns’ Class